Inside the C++ Object Model. Stanley B. Lippman

Inside the C++ Object Model

ISBN: 0201834545,9780201834543 | 182 pages | 5 Mb

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Inside the C++ Object Model Stanley B. Lippman
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional

ǜ�完这本书的感觉就是,用C++编程,其实应该说是面向编译器编程。为了实现OO的思想,C++编译器在程序员背后做了太多的事情。 1)为了和C兼容,class的内存布局设计成和struct一样;. Ŝ�C中, 数据和处理数据的操作是分开声明的, 语言本身并没有支持数据和函数之间的关联性. Anonymous said Hello I'd love to thank you for such a great made forum! Read 'Inside the C++ Object Model' -- Stanley Lippman. ȿ�种称为procedural, 由一组算法函数所驱动, 他们处理的是共同的外部数据. But virtual function and virtual base class will add extra cost. One excellent C++ book not mentioned in your list is "Inside C++ Object Model" by Stan Lippman. Excel Pivot Tables Approach.pdf Excel Solutions.chm Inside the C++ Object Model.chm . I was sure this would be a nice way to make my first post! Learning C++ you'll learn C, too. I have had a number of interviews in which the interviewer asked questions straight out of “Inside the C++ Object Model” by Stan Lippman. Layout Cost for Adding Encapsulation inheritance don't have cost. - Ability to read disassembled code. Inside the c++ object model (4). C++ supports three flavors of member functions: static, nonstatic, and virtual. Excel Pivot Tables Recipe Book A Problem Solution Approach (2006) pdf Exploring The Page Object Model In FrontPage CHM. - Knowledge about Windows internals, like APIs, message flow, etc. Be sure to learn how to program in C++ using Object Oriented Programming. M_thunk.op_call = 0xE9; // 获得Dummy::memberCallback的具体地址。关于成员函数与类对象的关系 // 请参阅Stan Lippman 的<> // 用汇编获得地址省去了用C++带来的难看的语法.